Laptops And Desktops A Comparison

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Laptops and desktops have been used in different fields in different ways. It is impossible to conclude strictly that which is the best one. The need and the method of use may differ from person to person. Some may feel laptop is best conversely the other may feel that desktops are best. Before go for one, it is better to compare the features, mode of use and functions. Then select one which suits you cent percent and buy it in a reputed shop by paying the right price.

Comparisons of features


If you want this portable feature in your system, better to go with laptops. You can carry them wherever you want to go. Desktops do not suit for this need of portability.

2. Space

When you want to keep more space for having a system, you can go with desktops. If not so, you can you can buy laptops which needs very small space to keep on the table.

3. Power

If you want to save more power, it is apt to go with desktops. They do not require as much power like the laptops.


Laptops are very portable, light weight and simple to handle. But if any repair occurs it is not simple to replace like desktops. You can get a technical expert near your office for repairing the desktops. But in case of laptops you have to take some pain to get repaired.


As you all know well, the costs of the laptops are higher than the desktops. If you do not have any financial constraint you can buy high end laptops even though they are expensive.

When these are the key factors to consider in buying either a Laptop or Desktop, your choice for one depends on your intention of usage. If you are a frequent business traveller, the portable convenience offered by Laptop cannot be replaced by a desktop, while if you are shopping it just for surfing the net and maintaining house accounts, Desk top is the perfect option. Whatever you choose, it goes with the ancient saying, you get what you pay for, so analyse your needs and budget before making your choice.

Ensure Smooth Working Of Your Laptop Forever

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In this age of information, people want their electronics everywhere. They like to carry all the information available with them, as they feel anything can be required anytime. Laptop gives you an upper edge as you can carry all the useful information with yourself.

Now once you have realized that laptop is an essential thing for you, the next step that follows is that what are the things that can make your laptop the best. Or we can say that there are some steps that help you maintain an overall excellent health of your notebook computers.

The top five things that make your laptop the best are:

1.The most vital thing in your notebook computer is your battery. You should always try to maintain a excellent health of your battery. In order to do so, you should charge the battery of your notebook to the fullest of its capacity after running it into empty, once every week.

2.A hard disk clean up should be performed every six months. You should clean up the files that are of no longer in use with security back-ups.

3.When you feel that you no longer need to work on your laptop, do not simply unplug your notebook PC. Your laptop should be shut down in a proper manner. Also never leave your system over night after finishing your work.

4.To maintain a excellent health of your notebook, you should continuously detect and repair the errors on your hard disk by using a scan disk tool, once a month. You should also use the de-fragmenting tool, which is there in your accessory box, to de-fragment your hard drive.

5.Always use proper cleaning materials to clean up your LCD show.

Taking note of above mentioned five points, your laptop will always work as smooth as a newly bought notebook.

Laptop Essentials Five Basic Accessories to Think About

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Everybody, it looks like, has a laptop today, and if you don’t have one, you most likely are thinking of buying one. As if it’s not hard enough to choose from the many types and brands of laptops out there, you are also confronted with the many accessories that are available for one to. Of the overwhelmingly large amount of accessories out there, it can be certainly overwhelming to figure out what you really need for your laptop. Clearly, it is completely dependant upon your needs and plans with your computer, but there are five essentials you may want to consider to start with first.

Laptop Essential 1: If you are plotting to use your laptop at home with any kind of regularity, you will want to consider getting an external keyboard and pointing device (mouse). Why? Well, believe me, if you have ever tried typing on a laptop for any more than an hour, then without a doubt you know that your neck, shoulders, and wrists can start to feel wiped out, to say the least. Well, the solution is to buy an external keyboard, which you can plug into the back of your laptop, as well as a mouse. And if you use your laptop in the office you can raise the screen up with books or risers of some sort to make looking at the screen a small more ergonomic. Of course you can also buy accessory swivel stands for your laptop as well if you want them.

Laptop Essential 2: When your home you will most likely want to connect other peripheral devices to your laptop, like a printer, maybe a DVD player, or even a CD burner. This can make a lot of clutter with all the wires you need to plug in and unplug if you want to take your laptop out of the house or go room to room or even take it to the office. So to resolve this problem, you will absolutely like a docking station.

Now a docking station basically turns your laptop into a desktop computer when you’re home and when you’re ready to take it away, you simply slip it out of the station and off you go.

Another alternative along the same lines is a port replicator, which has computer ports. You connect your external devices to the replicator and then to your laptop. When you want to go your laptop, you simply detach the one port replicator, rather than each external device.

Laptop Essential 3: Now this isn’t as exciting as some of the other accessories, but I assure you, you will be thankful you have it, and that is an external hard drive. It’s certainly not going to make your day, and it certainly won’t throw any excitement in your life, but the morning you wake up and your laptop won’t start will be the day you are overjoyed that you chose to get that external hard drive.

Here’s a small tip to go along with your new external hard drive: never pack your backup drive and your laptop in the same case when going on a trip, keep them separated. If you happen to lose your bag with both the backup drive and the laptop in it, you’re going to have a really terrible day!

Laptop Essential 4: This small device will allow you to hook up everything you need. So make sure you go out and get yourself an external USB hub. Desktop computers sometimes come with several USB ports, some with as many as 8 or 9. But, laptops since they are smaller, often only have a couple of USB ports. USB hubs will usually have four or more ports that will connect through one of your laptop’s USB port making them very simple to use to hook up multiple USB devices.

Laptop Essential 5: You need to reckon about the worst thing that can happen with your laptop. Now you probably bought your laptop so you can work out of the office, or your home, or wherever you need to, right? Well, since you will be out and about, you will certainly want to reckon about insurance for your laptop. The manufacturer’s warranty usually doesn’t cover anything beyond parts, and an extended warranty will certainly not cover theft, though it may cover you for breakage or fire.

Finally, there are literally thousands of different accessories available for your computer. Of course some you might need and others you won’t. It really depends on what your plans are for your laptop as well as where you plot on using it. Nevertheless, these five things are indispensable to making your laptop as functional to you as possible. While there may be some variation to what you need, most of these items will be valuable to anyone who owns a laptop, no matter how you expect to use your portable computer.

Tips To Keep Your Laptop Safe

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Having a laptop computer these days is just as vital as having your desktop machine. You need to have access to the internet, your email, and other vital data at all times. It’s vital to remember that the same problems that data recovery, spyware and viruses can cause on your PC can also affect your laptop computer. Security for your portable machine is also doubly vital because of the risk involved in having your laptop stolen. It’s also very vital to make certain your laptop security is in tiptop shape before you head out for work or on a business trip with your laptop. There are certain laptop security tips you can follow to keep your machine and data safe at all times.

If your machine and data are super-sensitive, you can have tracking software installed in your laptop. Security experts can then track and follow the location of your machine as it moves. It works in the same fashion as a global positioning system does for your vehicle. This proposition is expensive, but it does increase your computer security and your overall chance of data recovery should your machine ever get stolen or lost.

Mostly, though, effective laptop security comes from excellent ancient-fashioned common sense. Being aware of your surroundings and movements can severely limit the potential of your portable computer being stolen, misplaced or lost. Here are some simple tips that can increase your computer’s security and help minimize the risk of theft to your laptop.

  • Never leave your laptop unattended. When you stay with your laptop computer, security increase and the risk of losing your machine decreases.
  • Do not leave your laptop in your vehicle. If you have to, improve laptop security by locking it in the trunk of your car. Don’t leave it in plain view.
  • When you are not using your laptop, lock up the machine itself or lock it in a secure cabinet or desk.
  • Make certain that using hard to decipher passwords enhances your laptop security. If someone does steal or come into possession of your computer, security caused by passwords will make it hard for someone to access your data.
  • Buy a laptop security cable and lock so you can tightly keep your laptop closed when it’s not in use.

Just as with desktop CPUs, you can potentially lose unsaved data unexpectedly and require data recovery services. Make certain that any vital documents or files have data backups at all times. Don’t just save items on your laptop’s desktop. If you lose something on your desktop computer, security experts at least have a chance to recover it for you. If you are not diligent with your laptop security, technicians can’t retrieve the lost data for you because your laptop itself will be gone. It’s hard to work on something that isn’t there.

Laptops are becoming wireless enabled every day. And wireless security is just as vital as conventional laptop security. Because laptops can work in hot spots, there are many hackers ready to get into your system. Make certain your laptop computer’s security is up to date with the latest antivirus software to combat potential thieves. Also remember to follow the common sense tips listed above. If you do these things, you’ll never have to worry about your laptop security.

Laptop Batteries and Laptop Battery Care

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HP009 300x225 Laptop Batteries and Laptop Battery CareLaptop Batteries are essential for keeping a laptop running properly. In many cases, businesses, whether personal or corporate, depend on laptops for business dealings day to day. There are a number of ways to properly care and maintain a laptops main power source, the battery. Battery construction of laptop batteries is very different from other traditional electronic device batteries. A brief overview of the construction of laptop batteries will help provide insight into factors that affect the life and care of laptop batteries.

Laptop batteries are constructed with a number of crucial components to regulate charge and power supply to the laptop. A thermistor measures the charge of the battery and regulates how much charge the laptop sends to the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the thermistor tells the laptop to stop charging. Safety fuses and breakers in the laptop battery also help prevent overcharging and aid in overall functionality of the laptop battery. So there is an essential communication that must occur between the components of the laptop battery and the laptop itself to ensure proper function of both the computer and the power supply.

Laptop batteries are becoming more advanced that other types of batteries. In the past they were constructed of NiCd or NiMH which provided less power and did not recharge well. Lithium polymer batteries are the newest revelation in battery technology and they are leaps and bounds beyond ancient metal batteries. They provide the right amount of power and charge in a fraction of the time of metal batteries. The advantages of lithium batteries make new laptop batteries more practical. Lithium batteries therefore help improve the life of laptop batteries and also make them a more valuable battery for the money.

There are a number of precautions to take to ensure safe and practical function of the laptop battery. Some laptop batteries can become overheated from charging which can make a fire hazard. It is vital to place the laptop battery in a location that is free of flammable objects such as paper or furnishings. In general, it is excellent to avoid extreme temperatures for proper optimal function of a laptop battery. Battery life of a laptop battery depends greatly on how the laptop is used. A laptop battery will not last very long without being charged. A useful method to extend battery life is to close as many unnecessary programs as possible. By closing programs that will not be needed will save useful battery life.

These are just a few pieces of information about laptop batteries that will help the user know how to care for laptop batteries and how to manage laptop battery life. There is much more information about laptop batteries, including battery construction, battery charging and much more.

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